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A Green & Pleasant testimonial

Blog post written by Dave Henson | 18 October 2015 | Category: Marketing

I’m often banging on about the power of testimonials.

The reason that a good and credible testimonial works so well is that people who are thinking of buying from you can get honest and believable feedback from someone else who has already bought from you.

And we’ve just received a lovely testimonial from one of our newest clients, Carol Cooling at Coolings Green & Pleasant which reads:

“What a joy to work with someone who can explain the mysteries of the internet and social media to a complete technophobe in a clear, concise and meaningful way! Throughout the whole design and build process Dave, Rob and Michael were wonderfully patient and understanding, explaining everything with great clarity to ensure we were comfortable with each step. The end result is a fabulous new website that we’re really proud of, and confident we can use to its best effect going forward. I cannot recommend Novamedia highly enough for their consummate professionalism coupled with a friendly and approachable manner. Absolutely first-class!”

The key word that I used in my introduction is ‘credible’ Publishing the name and company of the person giving the testimonial ensures that people reading it believe it, and we do that with all of our testimonials which you can see here.

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