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A website through the ages

Blog post written by Dave Henson | 14 April 2015 | Category: Web design

Novamedia has been creating and managing websites since 1999. In this blog post, we take a brief look back at the first website we ever created for Bromley Youth Music Trust, a site we still manage. As you'll see, it’s had a few new licks of paint since then as technology and design trends have changed....

BYMT website 1999

We approached BYMT in 1999, and at this time the organisation didn’t have a website. The site we created was state of the art for the time with news and event listings both controllable via a back-end admin module. A feature of this design was the use of dozens of thumbnail photos, each page showing two at random.

BYMT website 2005

Launched in 2005 with a radical redesign focussed on a more traditional look – the colours derived from the wood of string instruments. This site included more information about BYMT’s ensembles and courses, and we also introduced a section where visitors could listen to recordings of the young musicians performing.

BYMT website 2012

In 2012 the website underwent a major overhaul, adding an online shop from which people could buy CDs and clothes, and also adding the facility for people to pay lesson fees online. There was more emphasis on large photographs, and we created various blogs for instrumental departments. This allowed teachers and students to contribute to the site more than they had done in the past.

BYMT website 2015

Launched in 2015, the latest version of BYMT’s website is fully responsive. The design gracefully transforms depending on the screen-size of the visitor. It also has a greater focus on social media with news items and event listings automatically shared on Facebook when they are posted. Other new features include more use of video and a donations page. The use of large randomised photos on the right hand side feels similar to the 1999 site, but with better technology and connections these are of far greater quality now!