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The value of testimonials - part 2

Blog post written by Dave Henson | 01 September 2014 | Category: Web design

Following on from my blog about testimonials last week, here are three random thoughts that came to mind when I was busy writing.

People might steal my customers!

This was a genuine reaction from one of our clients when we talked about putting testimonials on his website. It might apply if you are in an extremely price-sensitive business but in most cases you should be confident enough about your relationship with your customers to proudly add their words of praise to your website.

How do I get testimonials?

Simple answer to this one – just ask! If you’re in B2B, send your clients an email and ask them for their thoughts. That’s what we did and, with no pressure we got some great feedback as you can see on our testimonials page. If you run a B2C business, there are various ways you can get testimonials. For example, you could get your customers to fill out a feedback form either on paper or via your website. Make sure you tell them that their opinion may be published on your website and get permission to use their name.

Spreading the word

Once you’ve added the testimonial to your website, spread the word by adding it to your social media channels. Add a link from your Facebook page, from Twitter and LinkedIn or anything other channel that you use. We developed a system we call the Social Media Matrix which determines how we use information across various channels. You can find out all about it in a blog post I wrote in April last year.

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