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WILEF event invitation emails

The Women In Law Empowerment Forum is a recognised educational venue for women in law firms and corporate law departments. Organising programs and events in New York, Washington DC, Palo Alto and Chicago, the organisation is helping more and more women rise within their firms as business developers and leaders.

Novamedia have been running email campaigns for WILEF since its foundation in 2007. This primarily involves designing and sending invitation emails to potential event attendees, as well as tracking the responses to these emails.

Novamedia has a robust system in place to ensure the campaigns we send work across different email clients, and we can send thousands of emails very quickly. We can also track 'click-throughs' (essentially who's clicked on which links in the email) to help to increase the effectiveness of future campaigns.

In their own words...

Over my long career, I have worked with many companies, but Novamedia stands heads above all the others. Their professionalism and project management can only be described as "the best of the best"
Elizabeth Anne 'Betiayn' Tursi, National Chair, Women in Law Empowerment Forum (WILEF)