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Publicis site builder website

We'd love to be able to show you this site because we are really proud of it (not to mention the fact that the client was very happy too!) but it's all been built behind a password-protected login. Produced for New York client the Publicis Medical Education Group, this application allows them to build websites for pitching to their clients.

We needed to make it as user-friendly as possible and, starting with a blank page, we came up with ideas as to how the whole application would work so that staff at Publicis could log in and easily produce a website in a very short time as required in the constrained timescales in which they are forced to work when pitching for new business.

A simple content interface was built that allows users to add content and style it within certain limitations. We also built an image and file management system so that these assets can be easily added to websites as they are being built.

Whilst the application has been built to be as easy to use as possible, there is scope for more experienced users within Publicis to do almost anything as there is the added facility to copy and paste HTML into the content interface.

Once a site has been produced, it can be duplicated so that they don't have to repeat all of the steps again to produce another pitch site that might well need to contain many of the common elements.