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West Sussex Music Service website


In 2013, West Sussex County Council hived off its music teaching arm into a separate company, West Sussex Music.

We were approached to produce a brand new website for them following the success of the site we built for the Bromley Youth Music Trust.

The site was constructed using a custom-built content management system which allows West Sussex Music a high level of control over all aspects of the website. The content management system allows the music service to add structured content as well as freeform content. Structured content are things like news items, events, music courses, team members etc. which are all laid out on the page, as the name would suggest, in a structured way so that staff at the music service don’t have to worry about formatting different elements within these structured sections.

The website is also fully responsive so that it works on both desktop PCs and mobile devices.


Because technology always moves on so fast, we are always being asked to do things that we have never done before.

In the case of the West Sussex Music website we had to integrate with a new music school management system which meant writing code to produce the files in the correct format for import into the system.

This sort of thing is something that we do quite often and in essence it’s just a matter of moving data from A to B. The challenge is to write the code to convert the data from one format to another which means checking that the data is validated, in the right order, possibly encrypted and then setting up a mechanism to get the data from one place to another.