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Ashley Law Westerham website


In 2015 we created a brand new website for independent financial planners Ashley Law Westerham. The aim of the site is to promote the personal and professional financial planning services of Myles Harrison.

The site is essentially a brochure website, letting potential clients know what services are offered and encouraging them to get in touch. It has a simple, intuitive layout with each page answering a single question e.g. ‘Who am I?’, ‘What do I offer?’, ‘Is this for me?’ etc.

The site uses a bespoke responsive WordPress template which we built using Bootstrap, and features bold images (including a large full-width image on the homepage), large text and – most importantly – video.


The power of video as a tool to sell yourself and your services should not be underestimated. For this website, the client commissioned a series of short videos each answering a particular question and we at Novamedia embedded the videos onto the website. The videos show him in his office, with clients, with his dog in the garden, shots of the location of his office, and crucially he provides the voiceovers. These videos are effective for two reasons - firstly, they add more interest to the site and keep visitors browsing for longer, and secondly they show the person behind the business. For small businesses which need an edge, this personal touch is important and it’s especially important for IFAs where the customer needs reassurance. It makes your website less corporate and dry and, more importantly, erodes a psychological barrier for potential clients who are deciding whether or not to contact you. Videos like the one above encourage business enquiries. We believe there are very few businesses which wouldn’t benefit from the inclusion of short promotional videos on their website.