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Want online marketing that really works for you?

We've been established in the Bromley area since 1999 producing websites and online shops and running email marketing campaigns for our clients. But our clients are far and wide - we are trusted from London to New York. Whatever it is you want from your website and online marketing, we can help you to achieve it.

But don't just take our word for it - see what our clients say about us or take a look at our portfolio. If you want a no-obligation chat over a cup of coffee, just call Dave Henson on 01689 822500 or send me an email.

From the Novamedia Portolio

Provender Nurseries


Provender Nurseries is a predominantly trade-only cash and carry outlet serving all horticultural professionals throughout the UK. We produced the original site for them (under their old name of Wyevale East Nurseries) in 2008 and a new responsively designed website for the new company, Provender, which went live early in 2013.

Geo F Trumper


Geo F Trumper was established in 1875 and is a well-known gentlemen's perfumer and barbers with two shops in London's West End. Their site enables them to sell online the full range of products from their catalogue.

Munro & Forster


Munro & Forster is a top independent communications consultancy and have won more than 60 industry awards. Novamedia was asked to re-design their site and the brief was to produce a clean, professional design consistent with the M&F branding guidelines.


We have worked with Novamedia frequently over the past few years, using their services for several clients. They are very responsive and can be relied upon to deliver a brief (often at very short notice!). Dave and the team provide a friendly, value for money service.

Sarah Pearson, Senior Account Director Hanover

Our new ventures at Greenline Plants and Earlswood Plants needed web sites which gave a clear message to their two distinctly different markets. Having worked with Novamedia on our Wyevale Nurseries and Wyevale East web sites I was sure they would deliver what we needed. As a result we have two web sites which are well designed and easy to use, saying what we wanted them to say. The admin modules are brilliant! Dave and the guys at Novamedia are very responsive to our requests for changes, amendments and site development. A great partner to work with!

Doug Reade, Wyevale Nurseries, Greenline Plants and Earlswood Plants

I first got in contact with Novamedia when we were looking to totally rebuild our website and bring it into the modern world and with Dave's expertise and enthusiasm we were able to have a website that we felt marketed and promoted our business the exact way that we wanted it to. Since then Dave and his team have again rebuilt our site to enable us to not only promote the garden centre but to also sell online, therefore giving us an additional arm to the business. At every stage the Novamedia team have listened to what we want and if there have been obstacles to overcome then they have always come up with solutions. We now have an extremely professional looking website that we are particularly proud of and one that we have a lot of administration control of and with continued involvement from Dave and his team it continues to evolve.

James Evans, Director Ruxley Manor Garden Centre

We have been working with Novamedia since 1999 and have always found them to be trustworthy, speedy and efficient so when it came to redesigning and rebuilding the original website we had no hesitation in asking Dave and Robert to do it. They really took the time to listen and understand our needs and made many helpful cost-effective suggestions. The new site looks great and is just what we wanted. Thank you for making it so easy and for your continued patience, efficiency and great customer care. BYMT values its long association with you and is looking forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come.

Sue Brown, Head of Administration Bromley Youth Music Trust

Dave works on two projects for me - the second as a direct result of performance on the first. He is always helpful and responsive, provides considered solutions and has the endearing quality (often lacking in web people) of consistently explaining things clearly and in a language that the not-so-techie can immediately understand!

Julia Cook, Managing Director StepBack Healthcare Ltd

Having worked with many development professionals it was a great pleasure to work with Dave at Novamedia and his team. They were responsive and knowledgeable, well organised and were able to put complex issues across to the music team in a language easy for them to understand. Their patience and professionalism helped the music team get everything they wanted from their website and I know they will feel they would use Novamedia again if they have any further requirements.

Karen Biddle, IT Project Manager, West Sussex County Council

Novamedia scores top marks for service: totally reliable and 110% committed to getting the job done. We’ve worked with Dave and his team for over 10 years and he is our most trusted supplier.

Julie Flexen, Managing Director Munro & Forster Communications

We’ve worked with Novamedia for over 10 years, across all of our departments. We’ve always found them to be professional, creative, quick to turn things around and have the ability to interpret briefs straight away. Dave and the team are very friendly and great to work with. We’d happily recommend them to anyone.

Simon Goldsborough, Senior Account Manager Munro & Forster Communications

I had what I thought was an adventurous idea, and Dave and his team at Novamedia made it into reality. I was looking for a personal, local and enthusiastic web designer and I managed to get all three in Dave's team. The structure of my site I thought would be challenging, but the response I always received was "yeah, we can do that". A limited budget but a comprehensive site!

Andy McCartney, Owner Good2Connect

In our experience Novamedia have been tremendous. Responsive, fast, always helpful and polite, with a high quality end product. We’ll definitely be using them again.

Martin Moore, Director Media Standards Trust

Thanks to Dave and his team for creating a great end product and website that has received lots of praise and positive comments not only from our clients but also the beauty industry where it was received positively when Perfect 10 were finalists in the Professional Beauty 2012 Awards. Dave's professionalism with ever changing requirements, ideas and 'can we just...' requests was a demonstration of extreme patience of saintly proportions!

Denise Wright, Denise Wright Nails

Over my long career, I have worked with many companies, but Novamedia stands heads above all the others. Their professionalism and project management can only be described as "the best of the best"

Elizabeth Anne 'Betiayn' Tursi, National Chair, Women in Law Empowerment Forum (WILEF)

Novamedia created an entirely new website for us that features some 23,000 products available to buy on-line. Throughout the process, they were very helpful and worked through numerous problems that arose. Their attitude to problem-solving is, in fact, one of their main strengths. They calmly worked through issues as they arose and still produced the site to their original estimate. Dave Henson’s clarity of thought extends to the design and layout of the site, which is clear and easy to navigate. We would recommend Novamedia very highly.

Crispin Williams, Director Shaw & Sons Ltd

We have been doing business with Novamedia for nearly fifteen years now and have nothing but compliments regarding the service that we have received from them over the years. During this working relationship we have worked together on many different projects, including website production, development, email marketing and SEO and have found that they frequently exceed our expectations with regards to the quality of the work produced and the efficiency with which they produce it. We would highly recommend Dave and the team at Novamedia to anyone looking to create a new site or develop an existing one.

Steve Brown, eCommerce Manager Geo. F. Trumper Ltd

At Provender Nurseries our website is very important to the daily running of our business, as many of our customers place orders online. To have a clean, concise, easy to use website is paramount to the smooth running of our daily operations. With this in mind Novamedia were called in 2007 to advise and help on expanding our website to become more efficient and user friendly. Since then Novamedia have met our needs and requests in a calm, confident and professional manner. Dave is a pleasure to work with and responds to any request, no matter how large, small or irrelevant it may seem in the same patient and efficient manner as always.

Richard McKenna, Managing Director, Provender Nurseries

Fantastic service, responding quickly to our requests, often at very short notice. So refreshing to deal with someone like Dave Henson, who is straghtforward and expert in his field.

Barbara, FW Berringer

We started our shop in October 2010 and have used Novamedia for all of our marketing including the shop's website, all of the signs in the shop, all our literature and advertising and our online marketing such as the blog and the excellent monthly email marketing campaigns. Their work has been of the highest quality and always on time and, most importantly, highly effective. I would recommend Novamedia to anyone who needs professional marketing and design.

Gary Wright, Director Weald Aquatics

MPB Industries Ltd have used Novamedia for at least 4 years and have always found them helpful, technically competent and pleasant to deal with and we would not hesitate to recommend them for any company requiring website generation or control.

Chris Brown, Chairman MPB Industries

We have worked with Novamedia frequently over the past few years, using their services for several clients. They are very responsive and can be relied upon to deliver a brief (often at very short notice!). Dave and the team provide a friendly, value for money service.

Sarah Pearson, Senior Account Director Hanover

The Novamedia Blog

What makes an email campaign successful?

Blog post written by Dave Henson | 06 February 2014 | Category: Email marketing

We have run hundreds of email campaigns for our clients over the years and we have become rather good at it, even if I say so myself.

The most important thing with email marketing, as with any marketing, is results. There are various ways to measure those results: number of sales generated as a result of the campaign, the number of people signing up for an event or the number of people clicking through to a particular page.

However you measure the results, there are two important things that have to happen first: the email has to be opened and a link or links within the email have to be clicked.

So what can you do to maximise the chances of those things happening?

Well, it’s a mixture of things that you need to get right:

  • The email subject line
  • The From name
  • The content and call to action
  • The list

The email subject line

The only thing that the subject line has to do is to get people to open the email, simple as that. It shouldn’t be too long, it should be spelt right and it shouldn’t be spammy. I wrote a blog post about this early last year which covers the subject line in more detail. You can read it here.

The From name

The most important thing about the From name is that it should be recognisable. It’s a matter of trust. If people recognise who the email has come from then they are more likely to open it. If not, it’s the junk bin for your email. A mixture of your name and your company name often works best but if you want to find out more about this then take a look at another blog post I wrote on the subject.

The content and call to action

It’s no good getting people to open your email if the content then causes them to close it immediately.

Getting the content of your email right is an art. It all depends on what you want to achieve. Some emails we send out are newsletters with a lot of useful information in the email itself. Others keep the content of the email short and sweet with links through to various pages. Again others have just one aim and one link. If you want to get people to sign up for an event, a bit registration button or link is important. If you want people to buy a product then make it easy for them to get through to the page on your site that sells that product.

Don’t leave you call to action until the bottom of the email although there’s no harm in repeating it at the bottom.

We have a lot of experience in designing email campaigns so why not contact us and let us help you with yours.

The list

Your database is your most useful resource and an up-to-date list is vital to ensure that you get the best open rates.

Bought lists rarely achieve good open rates. We ran one for a customer once from a list they supplied not realising it was a bought list and they achieved an open rate of just 5%.

People are most likely to open your email if they have (a) opted in to receive relevant emails from you and (b) joined up recently.

Another blog post I wrote was about how to build your database and you can read it here.

Open rates

What is a good open rate? Well, the best we’ve ever achieved is 84% but that was on a brand new and quite small mailing list. The campaigns for this particular client are now getting open rates of about 40% which is still very good.

You’d probably be disappointed with anything below 20% but the range of 20% to 40% is going from acceptable to very good and anything over 40% is exceptionally good.

If you were getting below 20% then we would suggest looking at all of the aspects I have already mentioned above. One or more of them will be letting you down somewhere along the line.